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ProActive helps

You remain healthy

At home for longer.

Feel safe knowing that you or loved ones are healthy, active & Receiving the best care possible When using ProActive.


What is ProActive?

ProActive uses a Polar fitness watch connected to a smart device to monitor health data. This health data provides the ProActive software with the information to provide health alerts and a health risk score enabling you to proactively manage your healthcare needs.


Keep Active with ProActive to Remain at home longer. 


How it Works.

ProActive has been built on 5 years of PhD research into health and ageing. Taking a preventative approach to health enables you and your care provider to receive important health information to enable personalised care and make informed decisions.

By using the Polar Fitness watch connected to a smart device, ProActive measures daily step count against goals, time spent sedentary, sleep duration and quality of sleep. These measures are all important components of pro-active health.

Daily Step Count.

Time Spent 

Not Moving.

Sleep Duration.

Sleep Quality.



ProActive has been designed to support you to live independently, at home for longer. This allows your care provider to better coordinate and provide personalised care with informed decisions. 

  • Maintain Mobility: Maintain your independence by keeping an active lifestyle to promote healthy ageing.

  • Daily Alerts: Enable a better understanding of your daily activity and important health risk factors. 

  • Improve Wellbeing: Daily exercise activity is shown to assist chronic disease management, lower falls risk and improve mental health and general wellbeing.

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Health & Wellbeing.

Remain in
Home longer.

Health Reporting.

Active Health Alerts.

Data Security.


How it Buy.

ProActive uses a mobile smart phone or tablet device connected with a data sim. This can be provided or BYO. ProActive utilises the Polar Ignite Smart Watch that is easy to use and comfortable for everyday wear. 

All pricing is available through your local Aged & Home Care and NDIS providers.

“Having previously suffered from a fall-related injury, it’s good To be involved in A program focused on preventing falls, And Making older people and carers more aware of the risk Factors” - ProActive User